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Our Services


Our company provides a variety of effective and professional services in line with international and updated standards.

We make certain to be at the front of technology.


The company is prepared to provide its services nationwide, and grantees that the services will be given by it professional staff.


Our services include:
  • Heights safety training

  • Crane safety training

  • Signalers courses

  • Operators training for lifting equipment

Engineering services:
  • Inspection of crane and lifting equipment by certified inspectors licensed by the Ministry of Industry

  • Design services

  • Heavy lifting and heavy transportation consultation

  • Safety programs

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Investigation and reconstruction of crane accidents

  • Assessments of crane damage

  • Supervision and accompaniment of the repair and modification of cranes and lifting equipment

  • Arbitration services and expert opinions for courts of law

  • Solution of unique problems

  • Courses and seminars

  • Inspection of welded structures

  • Risk Management

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