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Felix Weinstein




General Information:
  • Mechanical Engineer- Technion 1988.

  • Certified inspector of tower cranes, Mobile cranes, heavy lift cranes, Industrial cranes and handling equipment.

  • Certified tester since 1989.

  • Investigator of cranes accidents.

  • Lecturer in the following subjects: cranes, lifting machines, lifting accessories, risk management and decision-making on construction sites.

  • A member of professional committees.

  • Arbitrations and professional opinions to courts.

  • Registered in the register of arbitrators of the Institute of Engineers.

  • Registered in the Engineers Register of Experts.

2010 - present

Since 1991, CEO of "FELIX - ENGINEERING Co. L.T.D."

In this framework, testing, consulting and engineering services are carried out in the field of cranes, lifting machines, lifting accessories and conveying equipment.

2010 - present

Lecturer of tower crane, lifting machinery and lifting accessories:

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